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Freight factoring

Freight companies are companies that specialize in the moving (or "forwarding") of freight, or cargo, from one place to another. These companies are divided into several variant sections. For example, international freight forwarders ship goods internationally from country to country, and domestic freight forwarders, ship goods within a single country.

There are thousands of freight companies in business worldwide, many of which are members of certain organizations. Such organizations include the IATA (International Air Transport Association), TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association) the BIFA (British International Freight Association), or the FTA (Freight Transport Association) and various or other regional organisations.

An electric container freight train

There are various methods of shipping goods; by air, road, sea, or rail. Some companies offer multi-modal solutions, this means that they offer more than one service, in many cases air and sea and in other cases air, sea, and road. The most common multi-modal way of shipping is referred to as inter-modal meaning truck pickup to rail to truck delivery.

A shipping method is by evaluating three factors: time, cost, and product characteristics. While shipping by sea could take longer than shipping by air, the latter is generally more expensive. Shipping by rail could also be complimented by piggybacking the freight onto a truck so it can be delivered to the receiver.


The trucking industry (also referred to as the transportation or logistics industry) involves the transport and distribution of commercial and industrial goods using commercial motor vehicles (CMV). In this case, CMVs are most often trucks; usually semi trucks, box trucks, or dump trucks. A truck driver (commonly referred to as a "trucker") is a person who earns a living as the driver of a CMV.

The trucking industry provides an essential service to the American economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials, works in process, and finished goods over land—typically from manufacturing plants to retail distribution centers. Trucks are also important to the construction industry, as dump trucks and portable concrete mixers are necessary to move the large amounts of rocks, dirt, concrete, and other building materials used in construction. Trucks in America are responsible for the majority of freight movement over land, and are vital tools in the manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing industries.

Large trucks and buses require a commercial driver's license (CDL) to operate. Obtaining a CDL requires extra education and training dealing with the special knowledge requirements and handling characteristics of such a large vehicle. Drivers of CMVs must adhere to the hours of service, which are regulations governing the driving hours of commercial drivers. These, and all other rules regarding the safety of interstate commercial driving, are issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA is also a division of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), which governs all transportation-related industries such as trucking, shipping, railroads, and airlines. Some other issues are handled by another branch of the USDOT, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Developments in technology, such as computers, satellite communication, and the internet, have contributed to many improvements within the industry. These developments have increased the productivity of company operations, saved the time and effort of drivers, and provided new, more accessible forms of entertainment to men and women who often spend long periods of time away from home. In 2006, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency implemented revised emission standards for diesel trucks (reducing airborne pollutants emitted by diesel engines) which promises to improve air quality and public health.




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Companies enter into truck factoring relationships to achieve certain goals, such as accelerating cash flow to increase sales, buying time to permit an orderly search for more conventional financing, weathering a start-up period, etc. Factors enter these relationships to earn fees by helping clients achieve these goals. Receivable Financing

Truck factoring Companies

Trucking Factoring Companies


Neither the factor nor the client expects the relationship to last any longer than is legitimately necessary, and both parties have strong motivation to minimize problems and avoid disruptions. Clients can do much to ensure that their factoring relationships proceed smoothly and productively. In this regard, we offer the following  suggestions for those seeking to advance their companies' financial position through the use of factoring.

Be very clear about your objectives and how you expect the factor to help you achieve them.

But then again, the desire to purchase would mean that the new program had been successful, and that there would be plenty of profits to spend. In this manner, the arrangement reduced the risk to the company.

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This was the beginning of a very important trend in U.S. capital markets. Both lenders and investors realized that sometimes an investor is better off in terms of risk if he buys a pool of loans than if he lends money directly to the company that booked the loans.

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The expected minimum ratio of cash flow to debt service ranges from 1:1 to 1.5:1, depending on the lender's perceived risk. This means that for every dollar of interest and principal repayment, the business must generate an equal or greater amount of cash after tax.

Finally, capital is an essential ingredient. Capital is the equity of the company, which includes amounts initially funded by stockholders plus cumulative earnings of the company from inception, minus dividends distributed. Debt that is explicitly subordinated to the bank's is included with equity or capital rather than debt.



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  • Freight Factoring is a favorite capital raising choice for established small business owners;A factor company can be a useful source of funds if you are already in business and have made sales to customers; indicated the SBA publication Financing for the Small Business.;Factor companies purchase your accounts receivable at a discount, thereby freeing cash for you sooner than if you had to collect the money yourself; Factor companies can either provide recourse financing, in which the small business is ultimately responsible if its customers do not pay, or nonrecourse financing, in which the factor company bears that risk. Factor companies can be a useful source of funds for existing businesses, but they are not a realistic;seed money; option for startups because such businesses do not yet have a base of customers;or accounts receivable;to offer
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